Pet Policy


Self Catering Accommodation in South Cumbria


Pet Policy




One or two well behaved dogs (up to Labrador size) are welcome to spend their holiday with you at Hornsbarrow Farmhouse.

We are dog lovers ourselves and you will no doubt meet our border terriers ‘Tilly’ and ‘Maisie’ when you come to stay. We will show you where you can exercise your dog(s) when you arrive.

Hornsbarrow Farm adjoins other farmland that is grazed by both sheep and cattle. It is vital that visiting dogs are kept under close control at all times as the consequences of not doing so can prove fatal to sheep and lambs or even your own dog.

The utility room in the farmhouse is of a size that can easily accommodate your dog’s bed(s) and we ask that dogs sleep here at night. In the interest of future guests we also request that your dog is not allowed to go upstairs or to sit on the furniture downstairs.

We also ask that you do not leave your dog(s) unattended in the property.

You will be charged for any damage caused by your dog(s) during your stay.